Underpinnings of Reality

In all the
Underpinnings of reality
The forces
Both strong and weak
And the magnetism
Born of electricity
And the glue of gravity itself
Consciousness is born
When all creation
Is but an engine
To produce
Something that
Can understand creation
Is not the noblest
Of pursuits
The learning of all things
We are born of
Such fundamental forces
Yet we understand
The machinations
Of our creation
Such irony
That the atoms of yesterday
In the hearts of dying stars
Can be
The eyes and brains
Of beings who fail
To see within themselves
The nature
of their own creation
Break apart the veils
Of your blindness
Open your minds and see
What more is God
But the creation of a creation
Lost in its ways
Unknowing of
all it could be
Tear open
your conceited veils
And see your God
with purest eyes
Unclouded by
Unsubstantiated thought
And become wise
The universe is but a
Hum of pure love
Constant and unending
Feel the thrum of
The energy of creation
vibrations you can feel
In all things living and non.
Find me
when you wake up
From your slumber
But I fear
you’ll be too late
And time will force us apart
In such case
Don’t think cruel fate has won
For even though when
I’ll be gone.
I won’t ever truly be gone.
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Celina de Miranda
March 8, 2019 12:13 am

………………………………………………………… nothing to add, because though I’m a westerner, I share each of every thought put into unique words …. because you are truly unique! Thank God for having put me in your path!
Celina de Miranda

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