Top Gun: Maverick review – Tom Cruise is still speedy, less needy in a rock’n’roll sequel

lCruise presides over some surprising differences from his first outing as the navy pilot hotshot in a film that’s missing the homoerotic tensions of the 80s original

In the first Top Gun in 1986 – that anti-Strangelove cold war classic – the US Navy’s fighter pilot Lt Pete “Maverick” Mitchell gets accused of letting his ego write cheques his body can’t cash. But with the sequel, it’s quite clear the body of Maverick, played by Tom Cruise, has been cashing cheques with abandon for decades. His pecs have been setting up standing orders. His biceps have been signing off on direct debits. His abs have been authorising BACS transfers and his rock-hard buttocks each have their own PayPal account. In short, as we return to the extraordinary story of Pete Mitchell, it’s plain that he’s still physically solvent, in the opening scene recklessly test-flying a colossal stealth fighter at Mach 10 against orders from the glowering officer on the ground (played by Ed Harris), who is forced to concede that he’s “got balls”. (They’re both configured for contactless payment.)

Almost 40 years on from the first film, which was directed by Tony Scott, Maverick is still speedy, less needy – more centred and calmer, in fact, but still in humungous shape and in love with flying. Directing duties are taken over by Joseph Kosinski, known for his digital effects and sci-fi, and the script is by Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer and longtime Cruise collaborator Christopher McQuarrie. In 2022, Maverick is still only a captain, when he could have been an admiral by now. Despite his badass attitude, he’s respected by the real flyers and loathed by the pointy-headed brass, and is protected by his enduring bromance with former classmate and rival Iceman, who is now an admiral. Val Kilmer gamely contributes a cameo. Continue reading…

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