Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

These Thoughts

‘I think, therefore I am.’
Well, how presumptuous is that?
Where do they come from?
These demons
And why must I think at all?
(These thoughts)
And who is this ‘I’ that am thinking?
Je pense donc je suis
Surely, an arrogant prat?
As the cow said to the horse
‘I blink therefore I am.’
It hardly matters this question
Of thoughts that come and go
They may not even be mine
You know?
Just a great big cauldron of memories
We got dumped in at birth
You and I.
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5 thoughts on “these thoughts”
  1. Hi Alice I thank you for resurrecting NLW for all of us and yourself to create short stories for a greater audience. I also appreciate your drive to slowly build a publishing house for authors who are here and those still out there wanting to write a book or two or more. Congratulations so far Alice and to your Team !

  2. Hmm ‘I am’. I leave that one alone. It is cold, the robin is appreciating some fresh water, world news is mostly awful. If those are words the collective unconscious has given me, I’m happy with that!

  3. You know what I relate with you on so many levels. I loved each word of this poem, especially the part where you vivisected the theory underlying these two pronouns: you and I. They are so superficial that they have no substance, yet we emphasize upon adding value to them so that in directly, we can justify our own significance. Loved it. More power to your pen!

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