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I don’t often venture on here to discuss what’s happening in the theatre of doom we call the news.   Sanity is aided by indifference to same. Now and then an item of reportage seeps through and I find myself grappling with the significance and meaning of the event. The character in this scenario is curiously similar in appearance to ‘Pennywise’ the clown portrayed by Tim Curry in ‘IT’.

He lives in a world, call it cut-throat, where societal honour props up an odd young man, who, despite all of his advantages, is in despair.

Reading between the lines, you can’t help but wonder how this reputedly ‘brilliant’ geophysicist managed the strain. A Masters and a Ph.D., by age 29, 15 years of grind, locked up in academia. What is the true cost-to-value of a such a hyper-charged education?

I am no psychologist, but allow me to speculate.  In his graduation photo, you see the distortion, a grimace not a smile; fists clenched; thumbs protrude outward, signalling despair. Did nobody see the signs?

Was the pressure too much for him? Was he shoehorned into a top flight education against his will? Or was his downfall brought about by the simple cravings of a malevolent mind?  All of the education he received could not protect against insanity, or the pain of his victims. 

How scant the reward must have seemed for all the hard graft. How easy then to press the self-destruct button and fast-track to Hurtcore, to destroy other lives as assiduously as he was destroying his own.

Never ask a psychopath about remorse

The eminent journalist confronted him in jail. However, the line of questioning followed a predictable path. It became a perfect PR opportunity for the sicko, who preened and sneered, bolstering his credentials. He even alluded to his memoirs, “I may answer that question later in my journal.”

To a psycho – free of moral conscience – such delicate feelings as guilt are inconsequential. His bio will be on the airport racks soon. I don’t blame the journalist lady. Who wouldn’t flounder in the face of what J Krishnamurti once referred to as ‘monstrous humanity’.

The only question ought to have been: ‘So, sicko, which would you prefer? Castration? Death? Or simply to rot in solitary confinement?

Legislators exclude the death penalty for child rape and murder in those parts. The child murderer is safe, and not having too bad a time.  He demands a special diet in prison. Three years thus far, seven more, and out.

And back to Pennywise

Some find it attractive.  He was living in his ivory tower, safe in his world of delusion, porn and academia. Early on, he is doted upon by his supervisors, who love his work, they say it has ‘international impact’.

Hell yeah! All over the damnable internet!

Poor guy has sweated his socks off to gain entry to that prestigious tower, a grind he had willingly accepted before turning to the dark corners of the internet, and descending the depths of hell. No one recognises the rage. Not the worthy professors flanking his shoulders, handing over accolades, not his friends, nor his family, apparently.  He is flying high, a success story. Could nobody see the abnormalities in his mind? Or the feelings of doom and despair? A doctorate is good for hiding wacko-shit, and if you’re becoming a bit of a nut job, prowling the hallowed halls of learning, you can cover up a multitude of sins.

Back to The Melbourne Misfit

We could argue that he had M had the good manners to get caught and thereby refrain from his lurid activities.

Not so, the MM. He was in it for money, pure and simple. His baby torture video sold for $10,000 on the dark web and the cybersex business could have survived, if he hadn’t been caught. 

He is busy writing his memoirs in prison.  The book starts off with, ‘Why am I trapped in this body, to what purpose? Was it Tolstoy who said that everyone wants to change the world, but no one thinks of changing himself? Why do we turn our back on our own shit, our own negativity? We indulge in cover-ups leading along the path to delusion and madness. 

The fraudster was arrested in 2015 for the rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl, among other sadistic pastimes. He is rumoured to be running his cybersex business from Cagayan de Oro City jail to this day.

What a screwed up world. 

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February 26, 2018 5:04 pm

Sadly true. There are also some amazing, good, fab people out there.

February 26, 2019 8:02 pm
Reply to  m

There are, Mo, but I find it strange that Scully received a short sentence – hence the article!

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