Eat more Fruit and Vegetables to Promote World Peace

Eat Fruit and Vegetables to Promote World Peace

FROM 2017

Now, I know I’m just an old faery from Nilbud, but I’m allowed an opinion now and then.  I’ve been flitting in and out of late, watching what’s going on with your new world leader, Mr Donald J Trump.
All this dreadful gnashing of teeth!  As my great aunt Imelda always said, (when we resided in your realm) ‘it’s no good crying over spilt milk.’
Of course, my personal favourite is that awesome imp, Bernie Sanders.  How lovely had you chosen him as your leader!
Oh well, what’s done is done, and you’d do best to focus your attention on promoting world peace, as revolutionary as that sounds.
But what’s all of that got to do with the price of cabbage? I hear you ask.  Simple. To promote world peace you must set out at once to eat more fruit and vegetables.  Did you know that when you nurture plant life, an array of even more tantalising fruits and vegetables will be provided for your delectation and delight!
Now, I’m not going to get all sanctimonious, or blather on about the beauty of papaya, but the fact of the matter is that you are harming your animal friends.  Such carelessness is forbidden in the faery realms, which is one of the reasons we all get along so well. (Well there is one faery who annoys me intensely, but lets’s not speak of her).

Eat Fruit and Vegetables to Promote World Peace
Nilbud before her faery bath

Honestly truly, it’s only a small step from killing a mouse, to killing a bird, to killing a rabbit, to killing a fox, to killing a deer, to killing a sheep or a cow, to killing a human being.  Don’t you see my dears, it’s a natural progression?  Unlike us faeries, most of you humans perceive phenomena in a linear fashion, rather like the alphabet.  On the whole, your minds will automatically seek the next available thing in line.  We faeries, on the other hand, think of things in the round, and by that I mean, the endless circle of life.  We know that all manifestations are part of the infinite unity, deserving of equal respect.
In our world, we kill nothing, not even a plant or a seedling.  We drink the milk and suck the honey of the most breathtaking flowers, such as you have never yet seen on your planet – flowers that are designed to feed us as we flit about our daily business.  Equally, we are nourished by the pure air, soft medleys, and clear light that exists in our realm.
Fortunate indeed are we.  You may ask, how do I get to live in such a place amidst the faeries?  Not easy my dears, but I’ll explain that another day. For now, I wish to instruct you on how to go about promoting peace, happiness, and prosperity in  your world.
Firstly, you must stop this terrible habit of squabbling amongst yourselves. This is the right and privilege of undeveloped babes, not full grown humans.   Yet, even the babes would become more peaceable if guided by the loving hands of their guardians.
Now, I do realise that some of you will be asking, if all life is equal, deserving of equal respect, what then gives me the right to boil a cabbage or mash a turnip!
Excellent question, whoever asked it!
And here we touch on the realms of philosophical debate.  Yes indeed, killing is killing.  A cabbage or a turnip certainly gives its life to feed you, because let’s face it, you’re a hungry lot, you humans. Likewise, an apple on the branch gives up its beautiful body to nourish your human form.  It does so willingly.  What is the alternative, rot on the ground? Decay in the soil?  No, that particular life form delights in entering your enzymatic digestive system.  Remember, to a simple apple you humans are divine beings, and it desires to become a part of you.  You do no favour to an apple by leaving it to die a slow death upon the ground!
In the ideal realm, far beyond the human or the faery realm, food is quite unnecessary (but that is for another day).   In your realm, I’m afraid, food is essential. Therefore you are permitted to sow crops and partake of the fruit of the land.  You may even drink the milk of the beast, provided you pay respect to the animal who offers its vitality for your benefit.  Indeed, you must milk the cow or the poor beast will suffer greatly!
You ask, well if I can eat and digest plants and crops, and given that all things are equal, why can’t I eat and digest animals too?  Remember darlings, your aim on this planet is to make life more pleasant all around. Wouldn’t you rather play than fight?  Wouldn’t you rather go on a vacation than go to war?
Now, animals have musculoskeletal systems rather like humans.  Even fish have this system to protect their vital organs.   So, the closer you are to killing this system, the closer you are to killing your own system, based on this linearity of your thoughts, (an unfortunate characteristic).   There are exceptions of course. You may live in the Arctic region and rely on your wonderful reindeer for survival. Such a symbiotic relationship between animal and human is unique to earth people, but in general the wise ones love and revere the beasts who provide them with food and clothing.  You who do not need meat to survive, so you must develop a habit of consuming only that which grows directly out of your mother earth’s body.   And since these foods are complementary to human health, you will greatly increase your quota of energy, thereby increasing your human happiness.  By increasing your human happiness, you will improve your minds, and by improving your minds, you will dissolve the old habit of killing, which brings only misery in its wake.
Simple!   Why didn’t I think of it earlier?
I will be speaking more on these matters in due course. For now, I send faery blessings from Nilbud. In the meantime, be good to one another, and do remember to love your animals!
P.s.  Please post your questions below. I will flit back to answer your queries.

Yours truly


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mo ogier
mo ogier
February 6, 2017 2:56 pm

Affirmation of my vegetarianism and yes, I agree with your analysis.

mo ogier
mo ogier
March 11, 2018 9:54 pm

Affirmation of my vegetarianism and yes, I agree with your analysis.

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