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I once read a cheaply produced paperback called ‘The Mark Of The Beast‘, the mark being microchipped humans.  Someone slipped it into my hand at Hammersmith Tube Station.  It had a lurid green cover, I recall, and a traditional image of a horned devil.   I remember sitting on the top of a London bus and reading with amusement. The writer was warning about the age to come.


We were all to go under the control of the beast, prior to Armageddon. One of the signs would be the change from paper money to micro chipped money.  People were to be ‘branded’ with a ‘money chip’ and this would be implanted in our foreheads. Without this chip, we couldn’t buy anything.  It sounded scary, far-fetched, paranoid, madness.  Oh yes, thought I.  Another miserable soothsayer, predicting the end of the world as we know it. Or was it?

This was in the year 2000.   Now, 17  years later, the prediction (at least about micro chipped humans) is coming true.  A vending company in America has persuaded some of its workers to implant a microchip in their hands.  To some, the idea of waving your hand in front of a snack machine is the coolest thing, and a bit like having a magic wand.   You can also log into a PC, and use the copying machine at work.  Okay, but what if it goes wrong? What if the chip mucks up the synapses and neurons of the coolest supercomputer on earth; the human brain?  What if the chip causes nerve damage, or the human biological system throws a hissy fit and goes to war with the intruder?

I guess we’ll find out as more and more of these contactless money chips get implanted in more and more people across the globe.

Just another bit of technology to ease day-to-day living?

The company in question, Three Square Market, is proud of being the first company to ‘offer’ these Radio Frequency ID implants to workers, in the USA.  Wow.   Patrick McMullan COO compares microchipped humans to driverless cars or mobile phones, in other words, just another bit of technology that facilitates modern life.

‘When we saw it being used by other societies we thought, why not us?’  McMullan said, ‘Who knew mobile phones would be what they are? Or driverless cars? It’s not just doors and self-checkouts.

Employee Melissa Timmins said, ‘I didn’t like the idea of a foreign object going into my body and I’m not a fan of needles, but I did my research and I’m now so excited.’

But what about this idea of a foreign object in the body, albeit the size of a grain of rice? Potentially, the device will supplant your debit card, credit card, passport, and monthly travel pass. Some would argue that the chip will eradicate robberies.  How do you nick someone’s money if it’s implanted in their vein?  Well, a determined attacker might not worry about a simple skin barrier, but let’s not even go there.

Not everyone in the USA gets the idea of microchipped humans.  Becky Harris, Senator of Nevada is critical of the idea.  Harris has preëmpted the mark of the beast with the proposed new legislation to make forced installation of microchips illegal!

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