Lakshmi – goddess of prosperity


This divine lady is associated with wealth, health, and happiness, she is the Empress of Indio mythology and beloved for her propensity to bring forth a bumper crop.
Lakshmi is usually depicted as an uncommonly handsome woman with optimum health, standing on the lotus flower, not unlike Venus.
Occasionally, she brings her elephant with her, and in her form as Durga, mother of creation (and warrior goddess of destruction) she sits on her trusted beast, the Lion. The ancients were well acquainted with the power of the feminine (goddesses) it is modern techno-mythology which seeks to usurp this fundamental trait.
Nonetheless Lakshmi is not too proud to sit at the feet of her lover, the god Vishnu, massaging his feet. This foot-washing is a collective symbol of humility, freely adopted by more ‘modern’ religions. (Ring a bell?)
She bathes daily at the Milky Seashore, her nakedness inflaming the lust of other gods, and in this scenario the source of all virility, and of all vitality, points to Lakshmi.
Indra, the dark male god of war is Lakshmi’s favoured lover, to him she awards success in battle, dressing him in luxurious garlands derived from sacred plants. Without honouring his Goddess, Indra will suffer defeat, whereas by honouring Lakshmi he is certain of success.
Thus Lakshmi offers a perfect example in the art of love and war.
Neglecting their female consorts the gods risk being prey to the vicissitudes of fortune.
Thus Lakshmi’s presence is a gift to world. For a thousand years the gods churned the Milky ocean seeking her, and when she finally rose to the surface, standing on her beloved Lotus, she drove the demons from the earth. Therefore Lakshmi is an aristocrat among gods.
Why is it important to worship Lakshmi?
Hindus consider the sincerest worship of Lakshmi as vital to health, and well-being. Sincere worship combined with courage and hard work results in increased wealth.
Song of Lakshmi
For the love of my consort Rama, I humbled myself to the attentions of the demonic, Ravana.
My beloved husband, with untold bravery released me from the clutches of the despised one.
We came from the dark forest and my people lighted the way.
My kingdom remains on earth – follow those who worship me, for I have given them the sacred flame.
On the festival of Diwali light candles for Lakshmi

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