Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Her inner strength spread out,
Winged with affection,
She taught others its value,
It wasn’t that she was made of stone,
God, no!
She was flesh and blood.

Fragility echoed in the walls of her heart,
Her never wavering eyes,
Hid the doorway to her troubled soul,
A guiding light she was,
Great – a thinker she was taken to be,
One with colossal eyes,
Could one see the gravity of her pain?

Nothing seemed to be in her favor,
Always contemplating on how to make it,
Fear gripped every bone in her,
Disappointment had been her colleague,
Nursing her into betrayal and discomfort,
The waterfalls of her tears had wet her bed,
In the secrecy of her capsule

Yet, her standing remained an inspiration,
Her pain was the light of others,
She knew all too well,
Her fragility had no place,
And hoped,
That the strength seen by others,
Would one day make its way,
Into her awakened heart.

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