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Dead On Time

comedy, dystopiaApril 5, 2015 • 9~15 min read • 0

“… Aaaand winning by a nose… iiit’ss Mistress Maryyyy!” The grey mare lunged over the winning post as the jockey victoriously raised his crop in the air.

Spectators in the stands and lining the turf erupted in hoots and hollers as they hugged one another. Mistress Mary’s odds were twenty … Read the rest “Dead On Time”


dystopiaNovember 10, 2014 • 7~12 min read • 0

 In the two decades he had been on this earth he has passed through three distinct arched doorways—the first he entered often, the second twice and the third only once, fortunately just that once. In each case he entered a primeval chasm aligned somewhere between a tumbling heaven and … Read the rest “Finney”

The Word, 2013

dystopiaOctober 14, 2014 • 32~53 min read • 0

Elmore Winfield led a remarkable life. Elmore Winfield led a senseless life. There is no contradiction. Certainly it was a life well spent as it was well explored. I never met a man who knew more than he thought he knew. Usually it’s the reverse; the blow-hard, the low self … Read the rest “The Word, 2013”