Spreading The Word of All Voices

market newsFebruary 11, 2018 • 2~4 min read • 6

spreading the word of all voices

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world. 55% of residents are from backgrounds other than White British. In many boroughs, the majority of residents are from BAME backgrounds, such as Newham (83%), Brent (82%) and Ealing (70%). Huge wealth coexists alongside immense poverty, such as … Read the rest “Spreading The Word of All Voices”

Story Prompts Fix Writer’s Block

writing tipsFebruary 4, 2018 • 5~8 min read • 1

If you are a writer, you may have experienced the symptoms: feeling like you have run into a brick wall, unable to get back to that wellspring of creativity that makes the words flow from your fingertips when you are on a roll.
Writer’s block isn’t necessarily “real.” There is … Read the rest “Story Prompts Fix Writer’s Block”

Tips for Demented Writers

writing tipsNovember 20, 2016 • 9~14 min read • 3

Directory of Writers Article

I often read these lovely tips for writers. Being darkly cynical I then reflect that all they wrote for that day was a list of tips for other writers, and that really they have lost an opportunity for writing something really meaningful that day.
A successful writer is merely someone … Read the rest “Tips for Demented Writers”

Andrew and Abigail

comedy, dystopiaJune 21, 2015 • 11~18 min read • 0

Directory of Writers Article

Abigail walked quickly towards her husband; arms outstretched, with the attitude of one who had seen God. Her husband, Andrew, kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“You remember Di, don’t you?” she said as she guided him towards me. Shit! I thought. Now I’m going to have to make small … Read the rest “Andrew and Abigail”

Dead On Time

comedy, dystopiaApril 5, 2015 • 9~15 min read • 0

Directory of Writers Article

“… Aaaand winning by a nose… iiit’ss Mistress Maryyyy!” The grey mare lunged over the winning post as the jockey victoriously raised his crop in the air.

Spectators in the stands and lining the turf erupted in hoots and hollers as they hugged one another. Mistress Mary’s odds were twenty … Read the rest “Dead On Time”


dystopiaNovember 10, 2014 • 7~12 min read • 0

Directory of Writers Article

 In the two decades he had been on this earth he has passed through three distinct arched doorways—the first he entered often, the second twice and the third only once, fortunately just that once. In each case he entered a primeval chasm aligned somewhere between a tumbling heaven and … Read the rest “Finney”

The Word, 2013

dystopiaOctober 14, 2014 • 32~53 min read • 0

Directory of Writers Article

Elmore Winfield led a remarkable life. Elmore Winfield led a senseless life. There is no contradiction. Certainly it was a life well spent as it was well explored. I never met a man who knew more than he thought he knew. Usually it’s the reverse; the blow-hard, the low self … Read the rest “The Word, 2013”

Edwin Explains Bell Bottoms

dystopia, story in progressMarch 30, 2014 • 1~2 min read • 0

spreading the word of all voices


Edwin was sitting on the edge of Bronwyn’s desk, explaining bell bottoms. 

‘You see Bronwyn, bell bottoms were a radical identity label. They were associated with ‘the workers’ or ‘the common man’. Only later did they present ‘radical chic’ or hip style worn by the trendy middle classes and … Read the rest “Edwin Explains Bell Bottoms”

Minimum Wage Increase Is Widely Criticised

comedy, dystopia, US politicsFebruary 22, 2014 • 3~4 min read • 0

Directory of Writers Article

The minimal pay rise was good news for WalMart employees.  The extra three dollars meant an extra beer on the weekend.

Tuck Pence felt it was bad news for his beloved Republicans most of whom were in uproar about such an audacious move on the part of the new woman … Read the rest “Minimum Wage Increase Is Widely Criticised”

The Glasgow Curse

book review, dystopiaDecember 20, 2013 • 3~5 min read • 1

Directory of Writers Article

The opening sets the tone for Lobban’s life as heir to one of the more ‘successful’ crime families of the 60’s and 70’s. William’s uncle, hardman Robert Manson, (described by Lobban as a “real Glaswegian gangster of a long gone era”) was an underworld force until his murder in April … Read the rest “The Glasgow Curse”

Queen of the Funkin Drums

comedyNovember 7, 2013 • 6~10 min read • 0

Directory of Writers Article

When Murky Rivers ‘perched in his clogs’ it felt as though the sun went into hiding.  Old Murky fell over and died, right slap in the middle of, ‘don’t choke me mama’.  The blues guitarist was such a stalwart at the Oily Pie club that not having him around anymore … Read the rest “Queen of the Funkin Drums”

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